Excerpt from Progressive Conservatism in Alberta: The Rebuilding of a Political Party

Concrete evidence of the surge of Conservative strength, has been the series of annual meetings in Edmonton and Calgary. Lots of enthusiastic people … young and old … newcomers and old-timers … exciting … stimulating … productive.

From as far as Milk River on the Alberta-Montana border and Spirit River in the north have come delegates and observers from every walk of life who reflect all Alberta. They listen; they argue; they vote; they work; they visit — they participate. Close to 1,800 persons participated at the Annual Meeting in January of 1971 to make it one of the largest, most enthusiastic political gathering held in Alberta. And all returned home with folders full of fresh ideas and a renewed conviction that their Party will not be denied much longer.

At these gatherings, Peter Lougheed’s impressive leadership qualities become evident. He personally greets each delegate — and listens to what he has to say. Each year his impact on the assembly is a little greater. His performance on the “hot seat” (an innovation of the last several conventions) demonstrates his agile mind, his amazing grasp of issues. His jaw as he speaks of Government complacency and his determination to make Alberta great.

And still the Party continues to grow. Broad membership, active functioning committees and a complete knowledge of Alberta and its people are the result of six years of hard work and relentless drive by the Leader and his continually expanding group of like-minded supporters. People want to be where the action is. In Alberta, the action is with the Progressive Conservative Party.