“On November 9-10, ALL PC members attending the AGM will have an opportunity to vote for a new executive team, including VP Calgary. We have a long history of success as a party but continued success will require lots of work, creative thinking, outreach and passion from our elected executive team. We need to have people, like Troy Wason, on our executive. I have known Troy for close to 30 years as we have grown up in the PC Party. Over the years, he has been successful in youth development, constituency election readiness and political engagement of people at all levels and in all areas of our province. Troy understands the importance of the work that needs to be done between election years and he is always the first one to roll up his sleeves to “Get it Done.” As Calgary VP, Troy will not only be a great resource for Calgary but he will bring his passion for our Party, his leadership skills and his creative, forward thinking to the Executive table which will benefit all members of our PC family. It is an honour and with excitement for our future that I ask you to join me in voting for Troy Wason, Calgary VP.” ~ Pam Cholak, Strathcona-Sherwood Park PC Association

“I am not a Calgarian but I am a long time PC member, an active community leader and a businessman who is pleased to support Troy Wason for Calgary VP because his political experience, forward thinking and fantastic people skills will be a benefit to our leader and our Party. I have worked with Troy for many years and know him to be a highly ethical, passionate and committed PC member. Troy believes in working together to find the best solutions that contribute to the building of a strong PC Party in both Calgary and across our province. He is a hard worker who believes in the importance of election planning and people engagement which is vitally important to Calgary and our Party. Troy will be a benefit to all the Calgary constituencies and his voice of experience at the Executive table will be a tremendous asset to all our Party membership.” ~ Brian Heidecker, Edmonton-McClung PC Association

“I have known Troy since meeting him during the 2010 Calgary civic election. I was impressed by his political savvy and willingness to share his extensive knowledge of the PC Party. As a relative ‘newbie’ to the political scene, I was at first somewhat intimidated by getting involved and was unsure of how I could contribute. Troy’s encouragement, guidance and inclusiveness has helped me…and others…feel that there is a place for anyone who truly wants to be a part of positive change in this province. I have enjoyed working on several campaigns with him. Troy is an excellent role model and mentor for youth members of the Party and takes the time to support their events. His work ethic and refreshing honesty are but two traits which make him a natural choice for VP. I will definitely be casting a ballot for Troy at the AGM.” ~ Lynne Walker, Calgary-Hawkwood PC Association

“I would like to publically throw my support behind one of the finest people I know, Troy Wason, in his bid to be the PCAA VP Calgary. Troy is not only one of my friends, he is a mentor, one who has made a significant difference in my life over the last 2 years. Troy’s support for the youth of the Party has always been there. The depth of his and involvement goes far beyond what anyone could call volunteerism – for Troy the PC Party is a part of who he is. Troy has been a proud PC since his youth; he was present when Premier Lougheed stepped down as Premier, and served a term as PCYA President. He worked in Ottawa during the first golden age of conservatism, under the Government of Brian Mulroney, and has remained an active participant volunteering in various roles. Recently he was the Campaign Manager for Doug Griffiths in the 2011 Leadership Race. Calgary would be lucky to have someone like Troy as their representative on the PCAA. On November 10th, please vote Troy Wason for VP Calgary!” ~ Matt McGowan, Highwood PC Association

“It is hard to put into a just a few sentences why Troy would make the best Calgary VP. Let me just say it’s because of people like Troy Wason that I joined, and have stayed with the PCAA. I count Troy as not just a friend, but also a mentor. He has helped me grow and develop and I have learned a lot from him. He understands the past, the present, and has an amazing sense of what is to come. Smart, dedicated, and principled, Troy will without a doubt make the best Calgary VP, and that is why it is my pleasure to endorse him.” ~ Steven Kwasny, Edmonton-Centre PC Association

“Troy is a true blue PC! I worked with him on the Doug Griffiths’ leadership bid and he organized a great campaign. His technological capabilities astounded me, as did his knowledge about all things PC. He will not only be a great asset as VP for Calgary, but also for the party as a whole. Troy Wason is the best choice for Calgary Vice President and I fully endorse him.” ~ Alderman Jeremy Thompson, Past President, Cypress-Medicine Hat PC Association

“Having known Troy for several years, I can say he is one of the most passionately loyal members of our Party. Regardless of what task is required, he is always one of the first to volunteer. I cannot think of a Party event over the past five years I have attended at which Troy was not also attending or helping at. His passion is not blind, however, he understands the challenges we face and the changes we need to maintain our status as Alberta’s governing party of choice in the face of the changing nature of our province. Troy will be an excellent Vice President for Calgary.” ~ Janice Harrington, Airdrie PC Association

“I’ve known and worked with Troy for over three decades – from our time in PCYA, through innumerable constituency, regional and provincial PC boards, committees and campaigns. His experience, dedication, creativity, leadership and hard work are hallmarks of his long-time service to and support of the Party – attributes he’ll bring to the table as an effective Calgary VP, focused on enhancing constituency organization and membership, and strategic readiness going into the next provincial election. For all these reasons, Troy has my unconditional support and vote.” ~ Geoff Pradella, Calgary-Buffalo PC Association

“I have considered Troy Wason to be a close friend since I first met him at the 1988 AGM. And he has shown himself to be a consistent and dedicated PC organizer ever since. Today, his expertise with technology and communications as well as his history with our Party make him the best choice for Calgary VP. I will be casting my ballot for Troy, I hope you’ll join me.” ~ Randy Kerr, Calgary-Foothills PC Association

“I first met Troy at the University of Calgary in 1984. We became directors of the U of C PC Association that September. For the past 28 years, he and I, and countless others across the province, have worked together to support the Progressive Conservative Party in Alberta. Through leadership campaigns, election campaigns, policy conferences, volunteer training seminars and planning meetings, he has been there, working for the betterment of our Party and for our province. But why is someone now living in Edmonton endorsing a candidate for Calgary VP? First, I believe he is the best person for this important role at this pivotal time, and second, because all voting delegates to the PC Convention Nov 9-10 can vote for the executive positions. I support Troy Wason for Calgary VP” ~ T. Parker Hogan, Edmonton-Gold Bar PC Association

“You meet many types of people in your life, but there is truly no one else like Troy. He is the kind of friend everyone deserves, the kind of creative thinker that moves the world forward, and the institutional memory our Party needs as VP Calgary. Many envy his easy-on-people, tough-on-challenges approach to tackling anything that’s thrown his way.” ~ Jessica Conlin, Calgary-Klein PC Association

“I have known Troy since I was 17, which is over 25+ years. He has always been a man (back then slightly more than a boy, but older than me!) of integrity and progressive values. These are the same values that he holds true today — the same values and visionary leadership I support and encourage for our future Vice President. I firmly endorse Troy for Calgary VP!” ~ Bridget Mearns, Lethbridge-West PC Association

“In his many years as a member of the PC Party, Troy Wason has learned what constituency organizations need to maintain their vitality. He knows Calgary, while having a solid and extensive network of Progressive Conservatives across the province. He knows the importance of technology, its many applications and how to make it an advantage for the Association. I’ve known Troy for over ten years and his commitment to this Party has been constant. I think Troy Wason is the best choice for Calgary Vice President and encourage others to join me in supporting him at this year’s AGM.” ~ Jennifer Diakiw, Calgary-Varsity PC Association

“Troy Wason grew up in the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta. As a university student he was President of the PCYA and used his voice at conventions, policy conferences, constituency meetings and election campaigns to ensure the Party’s youth were actively engaged in the political process and contributing in a meaningful way. He carried that voice into adulthood and today is a seasoned political veteran. Troy gets the job done and many MLAs owe their victories to his IT smarts and political savvy. He is engaged in Alberta politics and committed to a Progressive Conservative government. Troy will work diligently as Calgary Vice President on the provincial executive to ensure Alberta continues to be the best place in Alberta to live and work. He has my VOTE!” ~ Kate Thrasher, Calgary-Elbow PC Association

“I met Troy almost two years ago when I volunteered in the PC leadership race for Doug Griffiths. Troy impressed me as an avid supporter of the PC Party and more importantly, of the people that volunteer with the Association and who serve in public office. I observed Troy’s extraordinary commitment to Doug Griffiths, as his campaign manager, and his dedication in the subsequent election under Premier Redford’s leadership. Troy has helped me, as a new member, feel welcome and has taken time to answer my questions and share his vast experience. Without reservation, he shares his passion for the PC Party and the province of Alberta. I support his bid for Calgary VP.” ~ Patty McLeod, Calgary-Glenmore PC Association

“I met Troy through my community involvement where I observed a strong passion and drive in him for making things better. Troy’s sights are always set forward; however, his actions are guided by his understanding of the past and the important role it plays in defining who we become. His passion, commitment, and honesty make him an excellent choice for Calgary VP and the PCAA would be fortunate to have his leadership and integrity in this role.” ~ Chris Harper, Calgary-North West PC Association

‎”My heart knows that Troy Wason is the best choice to represent Calgary around the PC Executive table. My head knows Troy Wason is the smart choice. And I know, without any reservation, that Troy Wason is *my* choice for VP Calgary.” ~ Joey Oberhoffner, Calgary-Fish Creek PC Association

“Troy is a truly great friend and mentor to all PCAA and PCYA members. I do not know anyone else who has worked so hard for the Party and who I can honestly say will work just as hard or harder on the Provincial Executive.” ~ Rebecka Read, Calgary-Shaw PC Association

“I first met Troy during the 2008 election, since then he has provided me with advice and guidance. Troy is not afraid of hard work and rolling up his sleeves to get the job done. The knowledge he possesses about our Party is priceless. He has been a tireless volunteer for our Association and I am thrilled to be able to support him in his campaign for PCAA Calgary VP.” ~ Josh Traptow, President, Calgary-Bow PC Association