Political organizations evolve with the people who join them.

John Locke rightly said: Political & religious organizations are FREE associations. You can join freely and you can leave freely. If you want to change an organization, you do it from the inside. If you don’t want change, you can choose to stay, leave, join another or start your own association. Political institutions are highly fluid and dynamic. They take on the personality of those who wish to participate. So, either you change or the organization changes without you. Either way, associations don’t leave people, people leave associations.

More importantly, don’t confuse Government with Party. The party system elects leaders and nominates candidates. It also assists in electing candidates to office. After election day, the Party immediately begins to ready itself for the next election. The Party that elects the greatest majority or strongest minority forms the Government, but it does not set policy. If the Leader and Caucus stray too much from the principles of the Party membership they do so at their own peril. The next nomination meeting or leadership review allows the membership to evaluate their performance. Thus, democracy is served.

Between elections, the volunteer board and salaried staff work tirelessly to fulfill the mission and goals that the membership sets forth for the Association at the constituency, as well as, the provincial level. Input is sought and given at Annual General Meetings, policy conferences, board meetings, etc. There are numerous opportunities for the membership to be heard. This is how most mature political organizations grow and remain relevant. The PCAA is one of them.

So, if the PCAA has changed, the question you have to ask yourself: Did you change or did you stand still? I have been a proud PCAA member for almost 30 years, five leaders, hundreds of candidates, countless volunteers and thousands of hours of volunteering. The PCAA is a hybrid of Lougheed, Getty, Klein, Stelmach and Redford. It is an organic life form composed of the multitude of volunteers that have attended AGMs, policy conferences, nomination meetings, leadership debates & conventions, fundraising events & board meetings. In other words, it is about Alberta and Albertans. Thus, for over a century, the Provincial (Progressive) Conservative Association of Alberta has been an evolving political creature that has taken many forms. It will continue to adapt. Of this, I am certain.

God willing & good health, I will live to see five more exemplary and dedicated Leaders of this Party and be part of the decision making process of this province. I hope you come along for the ride, the evolution is here.

This post was written as a response to a video posting on YouTube suggesting that somehow the PCAA has deviated from it’s intended mission as a static political entity and has left behind it’s members. This is my opinion and not that of my Association.